Café Los Suenos at Dovecote Café


There must be something magical about 2501 Madison Avenue because it was this very charming spot that made us first fall in love with Baltimore. A year ago, we came up to consider this as a future home for Café Los Sueños. We loved the paned windows, the marble tiled entrance, the wooden bar, the patina on the walls and the romance of the big oak tree outside the door. The neighbors were awesome, but we just didn’t think it would work as a full-time roastery and café. Still, there was *something* about Baltimore that stirred our blood. So we bought a house and put down roots.

Fast forward to this past fall, we were driving by one day when we saw some people out front. “Let’s stop for a second to say hello to the new owners!” we decided.  It just so happens that they had been calling around that very day looking for a local roaster and voila! There was Carlos.

A Brooklyn-bred gal, Aisha Pew and her partner Cole came out to Baltimore to visit family and stumbled upon the café for rent. In a matter of months, they picked up their life, bought a house up the street and opened Dovecote Café. Soon, it became the new heart of the Reservoir Hill neighborhood. Read more about Dovecote in this Bmore Art article, and note Aisha’s sweet words about Café Los Sueños. 

From the wallpaper murals to the rotating artwork on display and the A-mazing baked goods, this little nook is an inspiring gem. Oh, and we hear the coffee’s pretty good too;)