We purchase our green beans from specialty coffee importers who adhere to high quality and ethical sourcing standards.

To help support the economy of El Salvador, we strive always offer an option from that country. We also plan to offer at least one organic option among our mix to support the efforts of those farmers who are helping to build a sustainable industry.

Because coffee certifications (fair trade, organic) are often out of reach for small farmers, however, it is more important to us that the farmers we work with are compensated appropriately for their work and the crop they produce.

As we grow our business, we plan to work more directly with smallholder farmers to help them adopt more sustainable practices, and to identify opportunities for us to share value with them in the form of direct funding for education, entrepreneurship and community infrastructure projects. We also plan to source coffee from our own 16-acre farm, which is located in La Libertad region of El Salvador.

If you have any questions about our sourcing practices or would like to recommend a farm we should consider, please let us know!