Planting Our Roots in Baltimore

It’s not easy to find a home. But as anyone who feels rooted in a place may tell you, having a home creates a mental shift from which you can draw the strength to grow. Since moving our family to Baltimore we’ve been looking for the perfect space for the business, without much luck. But perhaps the Universe was closing doors so that we would find the window to our future.

That window opened this week when we found a three-story storefront for sale on the historic Old Town Mall, a pedestrian-only shopping district in the heart of the redevelopment of East Baltimore. The former wig shop came with a decade of neglect, six bags of insulation, an air compressor, a tree growing through the roof and a vintage Triumph motorcycle. When the renovations are completed, however, it will be the home to our first specialty retail shop, and the heart of a new community.

Have we told you lately how much we love Baltimore?